Our great wall

Av en kinesisk reseledare.

Being a tour guide for Las och Res for many years was a very special experience in my last 20 years of living. When I took the offer to act as a guide, my feeling was like a boy inside a kaleidoscope. Fascinated, dazzled and bewildered with flashing and alternating changes pouring into my senses every day when on tours, my brain was pounded by constant novelty events and sandwiched between the entirely different cultures, mine and that of the Swedish travelers. Just before next seizure of the travel schizophrenia, a by-product for the brain that has been impacted by countless new impressions and endless comparisons between cultures, I’d like to attribute my gratitude to Chris and his Las och Res. It was they who projected my life to a very different orbit and thus enabled me to see lots of things at a very different angle, and from above. Today, I feel as if I am flying. As me recalling the old travels days, I feel my soul is a bit lighter, which must have been skimmed somehow from the travelling?

Here you see some debris of the Great Wall, which are the remains of the wings of a domestic traveler, when the wings were scratched on the wall, to add into your kaleidoscope. Would the debris enrich the pattern then, or stagnate the pattern shift, or just simply tarnish the view?

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are not available in China – they are simply forbidden to operate. Great Fire Wall is doing a desperate job to strangle the information that contains different opinions from the big brother’s, or anything that has the implicit messages reflecting the changes beyond the China Walls.

It’s quite ironic that while the authorities is spending lavishly to buy recognition and vanity worldwide, yet the denial for using the Facebook just made them lose the face in front of the whole world. Nowhere from the world history I could find the scale of the obscurantism like in this country, which has been prevailing since the last six decades, out of a two thousand year tradition.

Namn på reseledare som lever bakom murar skall man vara försiktig med, särskilt när det är en intelligent och förvånansvärt orädd observatör av det politiska skeendet. 


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